Amsterdam to London Eurostar launch delayed due to coronavirus pandemic - London Evening Standard

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Amsterdam to London Eurostar launch delayed due to coronavirus pandemic Evening Standard

Eurostar’s direct route from Amsterdam to London was meant to launch today, April 30, but a spokesperson has told the Standard that it has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

“We have delayed the launch of the direct route from the Netherlands to the UK due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic," the spokesperson said. "This is clearly an unpredictable situation, but at the moment we are working towards launching later in the year."

Eurostar launched its direct route from London to both Amsterdam and Rotterdam two years ago, but until now travellers have had to make a stop in Brussels on the way back from Amsterdam. The new direct route will allow passengers to go to and from Amsterdam from London without making a stop. 

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The new route is expected to take just over four hours and it will launch with two direct services a day, looking to increase to three or four services per day over time. 

Prices on the route start from £35 one-way, which means to can nab yourself a return journey to the Netherlands for just £70, as well as reducing your carbon footprint by 80 per cent compared to flying. 

Eurostar is currently still running albeit with an extremely reduced service of one train per day on the Paris and Brussels routes.

A spokesperson said: "At the moment we are running a very minimal service with just one train on the Paris route and one on Brussels to allow for essential travel in line with the travel restrictions in the countries that we operate.” More about: | Eurostar | Travel | Travel news

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