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Apple Pay Launch in the Netherlands Appears Imminent MacRumors Apple Pay will likely launch in the Netherlands in the very near future, as the *service* has now been elevated to "beta" stat

Can we also get announcements every time a new artist becomes available in iTunes?
How very American of you....

It's not even that more convenient, it's a fact Apple Pay is not faster than tapping your card.
Option 1 - Get out my wallet. Get out the card. Tap the card. Put the card back in my wallet. Put the wallet back in my pocket.

Option 2 - Double press the button on my watch. Hold watch to reader.

Option 2 is way more convenient for me.

It is faster! Use the Apple Watch... If you are not handicapped and find those POS in stupid positions. Last time @ Starbucks: The cables of the POS were to short. I managed to reach it with some help but...
Usually people who never used Apple Pay claim it's not faster, not more convenient etc. That will all change the moment they use it.

Saw ING and was hoping they'd finally support Apple Pay in Germany. :/

Found this on Dutch site iCulture, apparently this shows it:

Correct, this is API which used for beta testing.
The website mentioned in the article makes 2 requests to Apple's API. One is countries with roll-outed Apple Pay and the second is countries which are in beta testing. This API is used by Wallet application to determine the possibility of using Apple Pay, also card networks, configuration of gateways and etc.
Just made an appointment with ING to open an account... bye bye ABNAMRO
Seems like they testing Apple Pay with Maestro cards for the Netherlands.


I've just wet my pants. So happy to know I can almost use Apple Pay in NL.
So how much time is there usually between the beta status and the actual launch?

Seems like you are not aware that people are already prepared to pay, I have my card in my hand before the cashier even pushes the button, it's done in a second, so NO, Apple Pay is not faster. And all the other steps before? I push a button move my arm a bit and it is done!

"With card, contactless, please." and activate Apple Pay. Sometimes I´m ready and cashier and POS aren´t. When I activate it the card is ready to pay for 60 seconds.

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