Eurovision 2019 results- Netherlands wins, Kate Miller-Heidke places 9th

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Eurovision 2019 results: Netherlands wins, Kate Miller-Heidke places 9th SPOILER ALERT: This story is contains details of the Eurovision final so if you don't want to know the result,

SPOILER ALERT: This story is contains details of the Eurovision final so if you don’t want to know the result, turn away now.

Kate Miller-Heidke’s angelic performance at the Eurovision grand final was not enough to clinch Australia a historic victory, with the Netherlands crowned the winner.

Miller-Heidke was considered one of the frontrunners to take out the competition with her electrifying song Zero Gravity but in a massive blow ended up coming in at ninth place, with fans claiming she was “robbed”.

The voting was split between a professional jury from each competing nation and the public vote.

Australia was sitting at sixth after the professional votes trickled in, but the public vote really shook things up, boosting Russia, Switzerland and Norway into the top six out of nowhere, while plummeting Australia down the list.

How Australia snags a spot in Eurovision each year

But Miller-Heidke still did the nation proud, with the audience in the palm of her hands as crowd members sang along to the lyrics of her song.

SBS co-host for Eurovision Myf Warhurst declared “I’m crying” as Miller-Heidke wrapped her enchanting set, which featured the Aussie star and two backup dancers ‘floating’ on stilts in front of a starry backdrop.

Scanning Twitter it seems the world is shook that Australia actually breeds talented humans.

Italy came in at second place, followed by Russia, Switzerland and Norway. The UK came last with a performance as boring as Brexit.

The contest got underway with Czech Republic entering a Shawn Mendes lookalike in a bid to secure the youth female vote.

There is always a token crier at these shindigs and this year it was Israel’s Kobi Marimi who had a legitimate emotional breakdown onstage after belting out his song Home.

And just when things were getting way too real and emotional, Iceland act Hatari exploded onto the stage with possibly the most wild and kinky Eurovision performance to date.

The heavy metal band gathered everything they could carry from the local adult store. Leather, chains, spikes, masks and barely-there costumes. You name it.

They weren’t a hit at all among the professional jury but for whatever reason the public dug their horrifying BDSM display and awarded them 181 points, nudging Iceland to 10th place.

Cyprus went a bit risque as well, with their representative Tamta wearing a rather daring leotard.

The Netherlands Duncan Laurence — who was the bookies favourite to take Eurovision out — gave an impassioned performance and honestly it was pretty snooze so everyone down under is screaming “rigged!”.

Once we’re over being obnoxious Aussies and sore losers we take a closer look at the winner and life makes sense again.

Greece’s Katerine Duska gave a very Florence and the Machine style performance with her tune Better Love.

It was light, bright and beautiful.

Meanwhile, German duo S!sters were out here trying to shake things up after their nation’s successful go at winning the wooden spoon twice since 2015.

They came third last so Germany is celebrating tonight.

Madonna took the stage after all the acts in a hugely anticipated performance as votes were counted.

The pop queen gave a cathedral inspired performance of her cult ‘80s hit Like A Prayer, fit with a church stage set and group of backup dancers in capes.

The viewers’ votes made up 50 per cent of the final result, while the other half of the vote was decided by a national jury in each participating country.

Sadly for Aussies who wanted to vote for Miller-Heidke, people were only able to vote for performers from other countries.

The most successful Australian to compete in the competition was The X Factor winner Dami Im who was crowned runner up with her smash hit Sound Of Silence in 2016.

The Eurovision grand final will air a prime-time viewing later tonight on SBS at 8.30pm.

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