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Here's why Amsterdam must be on every traveller's bucket list Times Now Undeniably, Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Planning a trip to Netherlands? Here are some o

Here's why you must visit Amsterdam too

Here's why you must visit Amsterdam too&nbsp

It’s a destination we see in the movies almost all the time, and a place that’s a hit with celebrities too is Amsterdam. Apart from the beautiful weather and the clear blue skies, over the years Amsterdam has gained popularity for their Tulip Garden that is open to the public during the Summer months. With the backdrop of the windmills, the garden is one destination that everyone must visit. With delicious vanilla ice-cream, a bowl full of pumpkin soup and salad made of aubergine, the city is perfect for every foodie as well who can indulge in a variety of pancakes that you just can’t get enough of.

From cycling around the city to just walking around the canals, Amsterdam is the perfect place to visit during the summer months. Visiting Europe during the Summer? Here are a few beautiful places that you definitely need to visit.

When in Amsterdam, ensure to visit: 

Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House: During the Second World War, Anne Frank and her family hid in a home to avoid being caught by the Nazis. Anne's diary entries were a detailed account of her life during the war and how she suffered. 

The Tulip Garden

This year's motto is 'a tulip for every citizen of Amsterdam. IAmsterdam writes, "Tulips will be on display across the city, from Noord to Zuidoost and Oost to Nieuw-West. Tulp Festival sends you on a journey of discovery through all quarters of the city. A stroll or bike ride passed its 85 locations is a fantastic way for both locals and visitors to explore the capital in a new and surprising way."

Van Gogh Museum

One tourist attraction that absolutely everyone wants to visit is the Van Gogh Museum. The largest collection of the phenomenal painter, this is the best place for every art lover in the world.

Stay tuned for all the updates. 

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