How can we all have better conversations? | Varun Duggirala | TEDxMICA

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Varun duggirala is an entrepreneur who co-founded the creative agency, The Glitch in 2009 and helped grow it to one of India’s largest new age creative agencies today. About a year ago he started hosting a podcast called “advertising is dead” and through his journey has realised the ways in which we can have better and more meaningful conversations. Because As human beings we spend a large part of our time interacting with one another. These interactions turn into conversations when there is meaning derived from them. Yet we all struggle with making these conversations truly meaningful at most times. So how does one make them meaningful? That's what he breaks down in his TEDx talk at TEDxMICA Co-founder and Content Chief at one of India's leading new-age creative agencies - The Glitch, Varun Duggirala is amongst the pioneers of modern advertising in the country. Through his widely popular podcast 'Advertising Is Dead', Varun talks about the changes, developments and disruptions in the business of advertising, media and entertainment. Having never worked in traditional advertising before starting The Glitch in 2009, Varun believes his stints at MTV and Channel V helped him understand the fabric of advertising, branding, content, and media from a new age lens minus the baggage of legacy. He calls himself the janitor - screening and helping the team at The Glitch create impactful content for the brands they work with This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • How can we all have better conversations? | Varun Duggirala | TEDxMICA photo

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