How to Swear in Dutch Part Three

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Learn how to swear in Dutch using the prefix op plus a negatively loaded verb. Dutch is a creative language. Every year new words and phrases are discovered and created. This means that as a user of the Dutch language that you can also provide your own input on the subtle nuances of this Germanic language. (Sorry hoor, maar het is zo!) New Dutch words are known as neologismes. I don’t know why but that sounds kind of sexual. “Oh Shallow Man you gave me such a huge neologisme!”. (Yes I can dream). An example of a recently created Dutch word is ‘stemfie’ Which means taking a selfie in a voting booth. (Why would you do this?) Another new word, believed to originate from Amsterdam Oud Zuid and Het Gooi is ‘hang au-pairs’. (Au-pairs that have too much free time and hang around cafe terraces). Where you can find the Dutch at their most creative (apart from making up excuses to cover up their infidelities) is when it comes to swearing. Diseases and sexual organs are thrown around like xtc at a festival. Incredibly, the creativity in swearing does generally conform to a basic structure, which you can learn in this video. For more on Dutch swearing visit the Shallow Man blog post on this subject. If you're looking to learn Dutch in Amsterdam, please visit the following site of the excellent Koentact

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