The future of the Independent music industry | Mo Joshi & Uday Kapur | TEDxMICA

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Mo & Uday, co-founders of Azadi Records, discuss how they see the independent music industry in India shaping up, and how Azadi Records aims to set itself apart from the rest of the field. Their TEDx talk is a peek into the lives of the artists they manage, and how Azadi Records goes around doing business in an industry that has just opened up to indie music. Azadi Records have long been associated with grassroots subculture movements. Having signed standout Delhi rappers, Prabh Deep and Seedhe Maut and released their debut album's 'Class-Sikh' & 'Bayaan' to critical acclaim, Azadi Records have set about discovering artists with a unique sound who also have a story to tell. In 2018, Mo and Uday made it on to GQ's most influential young Indians list. Kapur leads the creative side of the label - establishing the network of artists that Azadi Records works with and the stories and narratives it seeks to address through its work. Some of his notable pieces include Of Gullies and Gigs: How Classism Stole Indian Hip-Hop From The Public Who Raised It (BuzzFeed, October 2016), The Power of Language in Indian Hip-Hop (Sole DXB, December 2018), Igniting Brown Pride: Why The New Swet Shop Boys LP 'Cashmere' Is The Most Important Hip-Hop Album of the Year (BorderMovement, October 2016). In 2018, along with his partner Mo Joshi, Kapur was added to the GQ Most Influential Young Indians list. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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  • The future of the Independent music industry | Mo Joshi & Uday Kapur | TEDxMICA photo

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