The New Amsterdam Season 1 Finale Ended on a Major Cliffhanger

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That New Amsterdam Finale Crash Was So Intense and People Are Not Okay New Amsterdam aired its season 1 finale and fans are freaking out. After an ambulance crash, one of the key ca

  • New Amsterdam aired its season 1 finale, "Luna," this week.
  • The dramatic episode ended with a cliffhanger that had fans taking to social media to share their concerns.
  • The show's executive producer confirmed someone from the cast is dead—but their identity won't be revealed until next season.

Is there a doctor in the house? Because New Amsterdam fans might need one after that insane season 1 finale. The episode ended with a cliffhanger that has viewers completely shocked—and dying to know what happens next. Warning: There are spoilers ahead!

It didn't take long for the episode, titled "Luna," to get intense due to the very scary home delivery of Dr. Max (Ryan Eggold) and Georgia Goodwin's (Lisa O'Hare) baby. After newborn Luna was successfully brought into the world, with help from Dr. Lauren Bloom (Janet Montgomery) and Dr. Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman), everyone piled into an ambulance to head to the hospital. But on the ride to New Amsterdam, their vehicle was hit by another ambulance

The crash site was a grim scene. Max was battered—but awake—with Luna crying in his arms. Georgia was on a stretcher and unconscious, Lauren was bloodied on the street, and Helen was... nowhere to be found. In the midst of all the chaos, paramedics covered an unknown body with a white sheet. The tumultuous turn of events had fans (understandably) freaking out.

"I THINK I NEED A DOCTOR MY HEART LITERALLY STOPPED," one person said. Another wrote, "The New Amsterdam finale.............Y’all I’m not okay." This viewer echoed that statement saying, "HOW ARE THEY GONNA END NEW AMSTERDAM LIKE THAT?!?!?! I AM NOT OK."

Many commentators also took to Twitter asking the same question: "Am I the only one who realizes that they did not show Dr. Helen Sharpe? WHAT HAPPENED TO SHARPE??!!!"

Unfortunately, the show's executive producer, David Schulner, revealed to TVLine that one of the "key cast" members is dead—but their identity won't be revealed until the season 2 premiere in the fall. Now that's one way to keep everyone on the edge of their seat.

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