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Watch: Doubles, kurma featured in NBC's 'New Amsterdam' Loop News Trinidad and Tobago Viewers of NBC medical drama 'New Amsterdam' were given a brilliant introduction into Trinida

Viewers of NBC medical drama ‘New Amsterdam’ were given a brilliant introduction into Trinidadian food during a recent episode.

In episode 19, which aired in April, Dr Iggy Frome, played by Tyler Labine, was seen cheering up Jemma with doubles and kurma from one of her favourite Trinidadian restaurants, Leelee’s Roti Shop.

Even more impressive was a follow-up scene where Labine apologised for forgetting one important element – a red Solo.

Many loved these references to Trinidadian food and culture:

Rawle N Ryan: “I don't know who is the Trini adviser on this show but give them a raise. The fact that he pull out a red solo was perfect.”

Jovani Rampersad: “Aa! That was some great product placement! Now ah hungry! What about the currents roll tho?”

Yihan Danielle Felix: “Lol lol he makes sure to get a red solo oui.”

R.S.A. Garcia: “A Trini has escaped into #NewAmsterdam writer's room because this week they told the world about doubles and kurma and a red Solo and I'M SHOOK.”

Rhoda: “I just love #NewAmsterdam sooo  much. To hear Iggy say doubles and kurma from a Trinidadian restaurant makes me so happy. This what separates them from the rest... authenticity is awesome.”

View the clip here:

New Amsterdam is inspired by Bellevue, the oldest public hospital in America.

The medical drama follows the brilliant and charming Dr. Max Goodwin, the institution's newest medical director, who sets out to 'tear up the bureaucracy and provide exceptional medical care'.  

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